"Now I'm fighting this war since the day of the fall.
And I'm desperately holding on to it all.
But I'm lost,
I'm so damn lost"
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I still can’t believe that I watched Divergant yesterday!! #OMG #Divergent #divergent #tatoos #DivergentBarzil #myshit

New color, new decoration #room #posters #HG #Metallica #bedroom #myshit



“He had the corkscrew hair, and you couldn’t see his face. In the Midlands, there was definitely a lack of good-looking guys, so if you were reasonably good-looking, you did alright. Robert fell into that category, as did all the guys who ended up playing in Traffic.” - Andrew Hewkin

“Robert, you know, even in those days, at eighteen or nineteen years old, people were just taken aback. He’d walk into a party, and all the women would just be standing there, going, “Ahhh.” They were always really taken with Robert—even my wife! All the girls were just fascinated, and the guys were, too, in a different sort of way.”- Paul Lockey

He has this aura about him that just makes you happy and go “wow”